Easiest way to track WODs.
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Easiest way to track WODs.
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Why Kilomodo?
For athletes, Kilomodo provides a way to keep you motivated and develop good habits of tracking progress towards your training goals.
For coaches, Kilomodo provides a way to review the results of the training programs they develop for their athletes.
For the community, Kilomodo keeps everyone connected regardless of where you live or what time you go to the box.

With Kilomodo, athletes have an easy way to accurately keep track of their workouts, coaches have a great way to track everyone's progress, and the community has a better way to stay connected.
About Kilomodo

What is Kilomodo
Kilomodo is a place where athletes of all levels come together to share the experience of fitness. We do the heavy lifting of tracking workouts and performance data with a few simple clicks.
What is the vision for Kilomodo
Our vision is to create the most comprehensive, full-featured, data-driven, social media experience for the functional fitness community.
How does Kilomodo work
Kilomodo is a data-driven platform that creates metrics of your performance each time you score a workout. The platform is designed to keep track of all your movements in a workout. Through dashboard visualization you will be able to browse your data and make use of it in your fitness journey.
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