Workout Tracking for Everyone

Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts

This is no ordinary workout tracking system. We've merged an online social experience with performance tracking. Our shared workout scoring system takes out the burden of writing all of your workouts. Our workout composer allows one person to build and schedule the workout-of-the-day to everyone following your gym tracks. It's that easy.

Fast & Easy Scoring

Tracking your training shouldn't be difficult or time consuming. Let Kilomodo do the hard work so you don't have too.
  • Build CrossFit Workouts Fast On average it takes less than one minute to score a workout!
  • Score CrossFit Workouts Easy Score Sheets Simply enter your time, rounds + reps, or weight and hit score. That's it!
  • Percentages Auto Fill Percentages Save time scoring when ever workouts are composed using load percentages.
  • What about Scaling? Simple Scaling Scaling up or down made it easy.
  • Notifications Notifications Recieve notifications by phone, app, and email.
Kilomodo CrossFit App Workouts Feature

Kilomodo CrossFit App Social Feature

Fitness Community

Follow friends from any gym to see their training and stay in touch by leaving comments or giving respect.
  • Friends Scoring Feed Follow Friends When you follow a friend your scoring activity will show up in each others feed.
  • Workout Activity Feed Feed This is where you can see all of your friends scoring activity, make comments, and give respect.
  • Score Respect Respect Recognize each others efforts and positive comments by giving respect.

Performance Detection Technology

At score time, previously scored workouts are evaluated to detect performance changes and award PRs.
  • CrossFit Workout PRs Workout History PR detection for any repeated workout.
  • CrossFit Movement PRs Movement History PR detection for Sets & Reps, Rep Max, and Max Reps workouts.
Kilomodo CrossFit App Dashboard Feature

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