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The solution that brings all of your fitness programming needs together. Workout delivery automation with performance metrics that saves time and builds stronger businesses.

CrossFit Programming Tracks

Tracks enable the management of group member athletes for the most appropriate workout assignment that best suits their overall fitness needs.

Example usages of tracks for group members could include but not limited too:

L1 Boot Camp & Foundational Fitness
L2 CrossFit & Intense Functional Fitness Athletes
L3 Competitive Fitness & Sport Athletes
Olympic Lifting & Specialists
Masters Adjusted Volume & Movements
Custom CrossFit Programs

Programs empower the ability to organize a series of workouts for track assignment while offering the flexibility to make changes prior to automated scheduling.

Example usages of workout programs could include but not limited too:

Workouts geared towards CrossFit & functional fitness athletes
Specific training cycles for olympic lifters, gymnasts, track & field and other specialists athletes
Pull up progression cycles for athletes requiring foundational movement development
Squat strength cycles for athletes looking to increase strength in specific movement modalities
CrossFit Workout Schedule

Scheduling assists with the delivery and notifications for track members when workouts are posted to the Kilomodo whiteboard. Workouts can be directly scheduled to tracks for ad-hoc programming needs, or from planned out workout programs.

Programs provide the most flexibility as changes can be made on-the-fly up until a workout is scheduled to the whiteboard. Scheduled times are set based on the preferences of the gym or team a track resides.

CrossFit Gyms and Teams

Whether you have a physical gym location or you manage a team of athletes that are on the road. Virtually train and coach athletes from anywhere around the globe.

By creating a gym/team you can manage:

Garage gyms
Fire departments
Police departments
Military fire teams, squads, platoons, companies, or battalions
CrossFit affiliates
Corporate business gyms
Remotely coached athletes
CrossFit Trainer Accounts

Trainer admins are your gateway to more effectively running your business.

By adding a Kilomodo account member to your Trainers group, you can delegate workout program management to your staff. Members of your Trainers group share the visibility and management of your Kilomodo account.

By adding more trainers to your account:

You can free up time to focus more on your business
Foster a collaborative environment and improve trainer development
Grant gym-level analytics for better trainer-athlete engagement

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