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Quickly Deploy and Manage

Just a few clicks to setup, no need for kiosks or dedicated hardware.
  • Create a gym or team Gyms & Teams Get started by creating the gym or team you need to manage.
  • What about branding Branding Upload your brand logo to be proudly displayed on your gym, team, and followers profile.
  • Automated Scheduling Scheduling Compose and schedule your first workout to your gym or team track.
  • Invite your members and followers Invites Send out system invites from an email list to add followers to your gym, team, and tracks.
  • What about Scaling? Admins Add Trainers to assist manage your members and programming.
Kilomodo CrossFit App Workouts Feature

Kilomodo CrossFit App Social Feature

Modernize Your Business

Put some polish on your service and brand.
  • Large Screen Display Mode Large Screen Display Use Apple Air Play or Google Chromecast to display workouts, notes, or a dynamic leaderboard on large screens.
  • Embedded Videos and Images Videos Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo into your workout notes and community posts.
  • Embedded Videos and Images Images Adding a picture or two to your workouts can really spice things up, especially when it's a picture of a member.
  • Push Press Integration Push Press Integration We focus on workout tracking, Push Press focuses on member and back office management. Together we make the perfect gym solution to futher automate your business.
  • RSS Feed for WordPress Sites WordPress Consume scheduled workouts by RSS into your WordPress website.

Beyond the Basics

Kick the spreadsheet habit by getting organized with workout management features.
  • Utilize Tracks to Distributed Different Programming Tracks Use tracks to run various types of workout programming simultaneously.
  • Programs Programs Bundle up your workouts into programs for flexible sharing and scheduling.
  • Workout Library Library Save workouts with notes, videos, and images into your library. Quickly see who's scored and add directly from your library to your programs and schedule.
  • Community Posts Community Posts Need to get a message out to your community quickly. Perhaps to promote an event, or give props to a member of the month. Kilomodo Posts were are the perfect thing for that.
  • Performance Metrics Performance Metrics This is our special sauce, no body comes close to the performance metrics we offer.
Kilomodo CrossFit App Workouts Feature
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