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No more excuses, it's time to start tracking! A basic Kilomodo account provides you with the essentials to start tracking workouts and follow along with other athletes at a gym or on a team.

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For trainers and programmers



Designed for gyms, personal trainers and remote coaches that want to create and distribute programs to a smaller group of athletes without compromising on features.

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For gym owners and franchises



The perfect plan for the gym owner with a trainer staff. Offer gym members easy scoring with shareable visual performance analysis. Manage multiple tracks for varying athletic needs with automated scheduling.

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Basic Trainer Gym
Workout Tracking
Full-featured workout and performance metrics tracking.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Performance & Analysis
Visualize a snapshot of your performance history.
30 days Unlimited Unlimited
Group Track Licenses
Tracks aid in the organization of athletes into groups for specific workout programming (boot camp, CrossFit, L1-L3, masters, olympic lifting, etc). Also available as an add-on.
- 1 included 3 included
Trainer Admin Licenses
Number of accounts allowable for granted access to manage your account. Also available as an add-on.
- 0 included 3 included
Digital whiteboard with all the scoring activity in your gym.
Real-time Leaderboards
Up-to-date leaderboards of all workouts.
Community Activity Feed
A timeline view of all activities created by your friends and the gyms you follow.
Kilomodo Workout Library
Access a any workout created in Kilomodo with system wide scoring history. Including named and well-known workouts.
Automatic Personal Record (PR) Detection
Kilomodo analyzes and automatically detects movement and workout PRs every time you score.
Automated Workout Scheduling
Set a time for Kilomodo to automatically post workouts and notify members following your tracks.
Personal Workout Library
Save all your favorite workouts to a personal library that only you can see.
Movement Performance Analysis
Visualize the movements, reps, volume, and loads from all of your workouts.
Scored Workout Search
Search through all the workouts you have ever scored in Kilomodo.
Private Scoring
Scored workouts for private viewing only.
Account Workout Library
Share saved workouts with account trainer admins.
Embedded Videos & Images
Add images and video content to workout notes.
Membership Management
Allows trainers, coaches and gym owners to invite athletes to private tracks or managed gyms.
Gym & Team Analysis
Visual performance snapshots of a gym or team.
Track Analysis
Visual performance snapshots of a individual tracks.
Program Management
Create, organize, package, and schedule customize workout programs.
Gym & Team Branding
Maintain your brand identity with your own custom logo.
Send out community posts for special announcements.
Trainer Notes
Pass on private information for to your trainers with each workout.
Large Screen Display
Display workouts, notes or leaderboards on large screen displays.
RSS Feed Publising
Publish workouts to your Wordpress or RSS enabled website automatically.


Add more tracks and trainers to help you manage all of your programming. Assign coaches to special tracks, individualized programs, access to gym-level analytics or to simply offset your program management time, getting you back to growing your business.

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